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We at Moodify believe that no matter how new, fast or revolutionary technologies is, no matter how fascinating it will become, it will not survive without an understanding of how people behave and feel and without the same technology helping us feel and do better.

When the co-founders of Moodify first met in 2015, Yigal (CEO), with a background in business development and psychotherapy, and Yaniv (PhD, CTO) with a background in math and research in cognitive psychology, they discovered they shared a strong belief in the benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and in its tremendous efficacy in treating mood disorders.

Through their discussions, it became clear they could pair their psychological and technological expertise to create an entirely new AI machine learning platform. This platform could build upon the proven success of CBT to create a scalable fully customized tool that can provide CBT in a very personal manner. Furthermore, the platform could teach itself over time to further optimize the treatment in a real-time feedback loop as it assesses which specific micro interventions best serve the needs of that user.

Moodiy's vision is to provide easy, real time live guidance that will improve, optimize and enhance user performance, whether driving, working or over the course of everyday life.

To date Moodify has developed a beta system to be implemented and tested in vehicles.

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