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Our unique platform uses Artificial Empathy to provide live behavioral and cognitive guidance. By continuously collecting biometric data, our system can react in real-time to increase drivers’ attention and positive emotions. Moodify's Empathic Car system enables cars to "feel" and respond to its driver's emotional needs intuitively. The Moodify Empathic Car solution consists of the following parts:


An AI-based analysis-and-intervention engine triggers personalized, real-time vocal guidance to relieve the driver from his negative emotions. The interventions are especially useful due to their use of our unique Artificial Empathy algorithms. Furthermore, to avoid distraction, Moodify can communicate with the driver using its unique tactile Sensory-Substitution Delivery system.


The driver's behavior and reactions are monitored and analyzed, to optimize assistance in helping users change bad habits.


The car environmental systems (AC, audio, etc.) are optimized according to driver's emotions.


Our system continuously collects biometric data (arousal levels and subtle facial expressions) using a camera and a heart-rate sensor.


The collected emotional and behavioral data are processed to extract their preventive and predictive qualities for the benefit of drivers, car manufacturers, businesses, and authorities.

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